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  • AddALL - a free service that searches for the best deal in books anywhere on-line
  • Advanced Book Exchange - A source for out-of-print books
  • - Once simply an online purveyor of books, has become a marketplace for just about anything you’d want to buy.
  • Barnes and Noble - online site for the #1 bookseller in the US
  • Bartleby - free public domain books in full text
  • BookPage - A monthly general interest book review, BookPage covers the best in new releases. The tone is upbeat and literate, focusing on bestsellers as well as new discoveries. Visit the library to pick up a paper copy.
  • Book TV - from the popular TV show on CSPAN-2
  • Database of Award-Winning Children's Literature - Find the most distinguished children's literature with this flexible search tool recommended by School Library Journal.
  • Goodreads - Get great book recommendations, keep track of what you're reading and join an online book club.
  • Morton Grove Webrary Reader's Services - sponsored by the Morton Grove (IL) Public Library. Links to web sites for book
  • NoveList - database that will help you find a great book to read
  • Oprah's Reading Book Club Titles - a comprehensive listing of Oprah Winfrey's book discussion titles
  • A Resource for Readers - providing timely information about fiction (all genres) and readable nonfiction
  • SFF World - Science Fiction and Fantasy World
  • Shelfari - a community-powered encyclopedia for book lovers
  • What Should I Read Next - Enter a title or author you like and get book recommendations.