3D print information

3D Print with the Wichita Falls Public Library

WFPL is pleased to offer 3D printing services to our community! A library card is not necessary to use the 3D printer.

How it works:

  • Choose or create a design
  • Fill out the order form
  • Wait for confirmation email. This will give the price of your print
  • Reply to confirmation email to finalize your order or request any changes to your submission
  • Wait to be notified by email that your print is ready for pickup. Wait time varies but is typically 2-3 weeks.
  • Come to the Library Service Desk to pay and pick up your print

Go straight to the Print Request Form or visit our Getting Started page to learn more first.

WFPL 3D Printer Policy

The Library offers 3D printing services. Members of the public can submit 3D print files to create 3-dimensional objects in plastic. Submissions will be printed by staff.

A library card is not required to use the 3D printer.

    The Library will not print items that are:
  • Prohibited by local, state, or federal law
  • To be used for illegal activities
  • Copyrighted, patented, or trademarked
  • Unsafe, dangerous, or harmful
  • Obscene or inappropriate for the library environment

The Library reserves the right to refuse any 3D print request.

The 3D print price is $0.10 per gram of filament. Each patron may print one project of less than 10 grams of filament free OR have the price of 10 grams of filament ($1.00) deducted from a larger project once per month. There is a $1.00 service charge for credit or debit card payments.
Payment is due at time of pickup. The Library does not charge for failed prints.

Patrons may choose a print color. At this time, the Library can only print solid-color items. Prints with multiple separate parts may change color between parts. This may result in increased print cost.

Print size is limited to 250 × 210 × 200 mm.

Printed items not picked up within 10 business days become the property of the Library.

Submissions will be printed in order by date received. If multiple requests are received on the same day, print order will be determined by library staff.

Patrons will receive notice that their print is ready for pickup by e-mail.
Patrons using the in-library order book may request notification by phone.