Current Reading Challenges


Current reading challenges on beanstack.

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Teens (12-18): 100 Books Before Graduation

Read 100 books before graduating, log your reading in Beanstack, and earn a new set of badges! Earn a reward with the different milestones of registering, then reading 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100 books! Each book must be unique, and yes - books read for school, audiobooks, and graphic novels/manga count!

100 Books Before Graduation is a reading initiative for teens to read 100 books before they graduate from high school. Studies have shown reading for pleasure and enjoyment has a positive impact both academically and socially. Additionally, there is an improvement in emotional health and well-being.

Kids (6-12): Ten to Try

10 to Try is a challenge that asks you to read 10 books in 10 categories, keep track of your reading, and share your favorite discoveries with the library and your fellow readers.
This is a great way to explore new books and improve your reading. Once completed you'll have read 100 new books!

Kids (0-5): 1000 Books Before Kindergarten

One thousand books? That seems like way too many, right? Not at all. You got this. It doesn't matter if your child is three, or just three months - there's no better time to start than now!

Reading helps build social and emotional skills, sparks creativity and imagination, promotes bonding, and helps kids do well overall in school. Take that motivation, open one book, and get started. And remember, 1000 is just a number. The goal is to work reading aloud into your regular routine, and let the magic of stories do the rest.