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Resources and Services for Teachers



Teacher cards may be obtained by teachers in public, private, and charter schools with more than 100 students.  If your school is not on our approved list, you may submit it for consideration. Please ask at the service desk for more information.

This card is only valid August 1st - May 31st. Teacher services are not available during the months of June and July. Teachers must live or teach within Wichita Falls city limits to be eligible.  We do not offer non-resident Teacher Cards. Teacher cards must be applied for in person and issued by a staff member at the Service Desk. The teacher will be issued a teacher card on submission of a teacher card application with a signed yearly agreement and will accept responsibility for any lost materials and/or fines and fees. In addition to the standard verification requirements for all cards, a school-issued ID and/or current paystub must also be shown at the time of application to be eligible for a teacher card. Cards require verification and renewal each year.

All items will be checked out for a four (4) week period without renewal. The library assumes no liability for the use of library materials in the classroom. It is the teacher's responsibility to adhere to applicable U.S. copyright law.  Teacher cards are for classroom use only and are not intended for personal use.  Items must be returned, re-shelved and made available to the public before they can be checked out again.  We cannot renew or recheck items at the desk.  This is considered monopolization of resources and goes against our code of conduct. Abuse of the card will result in its revocation.

Teachers may also have personal cards following all existing library card procedures. Teacher Cards will be family grouped with personal cards and any fines/fees/blocks that affect usage will apply to all cards that person is responsible for.


Teachers will be assessed overdue fines when items checked out are returned late. All materials are charged at the rate of 15 cents per day. The maximum fine is the replacement cost of the item. There is a 5-day “grace period” for all materials before fines begin to accrue. After the 5-day grace period is over fines will begin to accrue (a book returned on the day following the grace period will generate a 15 cent fine). Items returned damaged beyond repair are set to “lost” status, as are long overdue items. Lost items require payment of replacement cost, plus a non-refundable $5 processing fee. If any lost item is found within three months and returned in usable condition, the borrower may be eligible for a partial refund. A repair or replacement fee may be charged at the discretion of the library for any damaged material that can be repaired or replaced.



Tours and school visits must be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance.

Tours: Bring your class(es) to the library for a tour of the facilities and a review of materials and services offered.  Depending on age and number of students, duration of visit, and staff availability tours can also include: instruction on how to find and unitize resources, education on topics such as the Dewey Decimal System, storytime or read aloud, and crafts or activities.

School visits: Librarians can come to your school! We are available for instructional visits as well as storytimes and as guest speakers. Contact us for more information. (grades K-5) (grades 6-12)



Librarians can select books and put them on hold for you.
Requests can be made by sending an email to: (grades K-5) (grades 6-12)

Please include the following information:

Teacher Name
Teacher Card Number
Number of items needed
Age range of readers
What you would like us to select (topic, theme, subject, genre, format, etc)

Examples of selection requests:
  Hi, my name is First Last and my card number is 28800001234567
  Can you put 12 picture books related to spring on hold for me? They’re to read aloud to 1st graders.

  This is First Name Last Name, my card number is 28800001234567
  I need 22 poetry books highlighting a variety of styles for 4th graders.
  Shorter books are preferred - they'll be using them to select poems to work with for assignments.

Selected items are placed on hold under the teacher’s card number and teachers are notified when items are available for check-out.  (Method of notification is based on the preference selected at time of application.) Items remain on hold for up to 10 days. Unclaimed items are re-shelved or move on to the next person waiting on hold for them.

Fulfillment of selection requests generally takes 2-5 days and depends on availability of materials and cannot be guaranteed.